Open Mic Nights

If you love to express yourself and show your work, this is the place for you. I have two great open mics. Where you can share your music, poetry, short memoirs, and comedy! Watchu Got Wednesdays and Arnold Palmer Fridays. Check them out.

Watchu Got Wednesdays

Wednesday Nights is for poetry and creative writers. If you have original poems, memoir pieces, short stories and other forms of creative writing, then show us watchu got!

*Every Wednesday from 7pm- 9pm

*Every artist gets 4 minutes to perform.

*They must be original pieces.

*Register at the bottom of the page

Arnold Palmer Fridays

As you may or may not know, Arnold Palmer is a drink that is half lemonade and half Iced Tea. So for Fridays, we will have a 2hour open mic. There will be a musician followed by a comedian then back to a musician, etc. Playing instruments, rappers, singers and beat makers/producers and funny people. Lets go on a roller coaster of head bangers and laughter!

*Every Friday from 7pm -9pm

*Every artist gets 4 minutes to perform.

*Must be original pieces.

*Sign up at the bottom of the page

Rules, Regulations + Tips

Here are a couple of rules and regulations for both of these events.

1. Yes you can curse, we are all adults. But there will be no hate speech tolerated.

2. Please be aware of your time. Practice your pieces before you perform, we want to have enough time for everybody who signs up.

3. Please keep your mics off when other artists are up so that it does not interrupt their performance.

4. The sign up sheet will be up the day before the open mic. Once the slots are filled, that will be it. But do not be discouraged, come to the open mic anyway incase there are any no shows.

5. Have ready your links for people to find you on your social media.

6. Open Mics are free. You can donate if you choose.

7. You can not sign up for later open mic dates. Only the up and coming open mics.

8. Last but no least, ENJOY YOURSELF! Be heard and have fun. That's what this is all about.