The Hidden Phoenix Workshop

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The Hidden Phoenix Workshop is a writing class that is based off of my book The Hidden Phoenix, Emerging From Adverse Ashes. For anybody who has been through trauma and may have a hard time rising from the ashes of the experience, this would be a great class to take. It is a safe space to write, create and express. We can all relate to a level of agony, and I believe writing is one of the best ways to help heal our wounds. Turning our problems into solutions, dark into light, here we can alchemize, what was once thought to be our demise, and arise.

More classes will be posted soon.

*It's a two hour class

*1x a week

*$55 for 5 weeks

*The classes are private and only

those who sign up will be allowed to join

in that month.

*10 People max per class

*Thursdays 5pm- 7pm

This class may trigger some people. If you are willing and ready to dive into yourself and create your way back to your heart, this will be for you. Please be sure to reach out for support either here, at home, with friends or a health professional. Know that you are not alone in your healing.

There will be no content restrictions but hate speech will not be tolorated.


The Hidden Phoenix Workshop

5 Week Class- $55- Paypal

First ten to sign up will receive a discount of 20% off their 5 week class.