About Me

Truth and love, my name is Christian Elijah. You can just call me Chris. I am a 33yr old two spirited, black man who has been through many adversites and hardships. Racism, LGBTQ discrimination, Abuse, Mental Health Issues, etc.

   Having gone through so much, yet having so much to offer, I have reached out and sought help for myself through the mental health system. Although it may have helped many others, for me it became more of a hinderance than a help.

   Taking harsh medications and speaking with people who were more clinical rather than soulful, after 10 years of the good ol' college try, I decided to finally leave.

   At the same time I was in the system, I had also started my spiritual journey at 18yrs old. Going from meditation to chakras, astrology, past lives and more.

   It's not an easy journey to remember who I truly am, as there is so much more I am leanring. I started speaking with my ancestors and spirit guides for help. But realizing that balance for help on this physical plane, I felt very alone. and this is why I started the Phoenix Project.

   Having so many different talents and wanting to express them in my own way, I needed a safe space to discover myself without having someone police my thoughts and feelings. Everything I felt I didnt have is everything I am creating. I believe expressing your creativity is healing and nurturing for the spirit.

   So I offer you a welcoming, non judgemental space in confidence that others like myself can grow, learn and be free.


This is a great place for a graduating community to heal, grow spiritually, expand creatively and be yourself.

What is a graduating community?

The way I see it, the point of a community is rely on each other for help in many areas of our lives. As there is nothing wrong with this, I have however noticed that many will crutch too often due to being scared of trusting oneself to know answers and get things done.

   While you will absolutely have helping hands and encouragement here, for the balance I envision 11ThePhoenixProject11 to be a safe space to remember that everything we've ever needed is within our individual selves. Resulting in a more stable reliance on self, and a wholeness in our independence.

   So let me ask you. What is your vision for you? What does freedom look like to you? What does happiness and wholeness look like to you? What do you want to share with the world? And how can I help you?